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Dry-type Transformers

Reference standard transformers
GBl094¡ª1996¡¶Power Transformer¡·
GBl094.11¡ª2007¡¶Power transformers Part 11 dry-type transformers¡·
GB/T10228¡ª2008¡¶Dry type power transformers and technical requirements¡·
IEC60076¡ª11£º2004¡¶Power transformers Part 11 dry-type transformers¡·
GB/T17211¡ª1998¡¶Loading guide for dry-type power transformers are¡·
Insulation level
Voltage The maximum RMS
voltage equipment
Rated short-time power frequency
withstand voltage RMS
Rated impulse withstand voltage RMS
¡Ü1 ¡Ü1.1 3 - -
3 3.6 10(18) 20 40
6 7.2 20(25) 40 60
10 12 35 60 75
15 17.5 38 75 95
20 24 50 95 125
35 40.5 70 145 170

Main performance parameters
1.Rated power£º30¡ª20000kVA
3.Phase£ºThree-phase or single phase
4.Frequency: 50Hz or 60 Hz
5.Insulation class: F class or H-level
6.Cooling: AN, or AF
7.Protection class: IPOO. IP20 or 23
8.Performance parameters: see parameter table
Conditions of Use
b.Temperature: Maximum temperature: 40 ¡æ minimum temperature: -30 ¡æ maximum daily average temperature: 30 ¡æ
c.Indoor use
d.Relative Humidity: 95% (25 ¡æ) on average 90% (25 ¡æ) the average monthly

Cast resin transformer nameplate capacity of ultra-running ability
1.Dry-type transformers at ambient temperature ¡Ü 40 ¡æ the situation to ensure the rated output, when the transformer shell with lP23 5-10% lower when the proposed use of capacity¡£
2.Short time overload the load according to the rate before the overload, overload the ambient temperature and the required rate of View the following mouth overload a chart¡£
3.As the transformer overload will affect the life of transformers. Please users with the most care. Please refer to the user GB/T17211-1998 "dry type power transformer load Guidelines" or lEC 60905:1987¡£
4.Transformers of the various special customer requirements the company can provide more specific overload curve¡£
Overload before the load rate = Pq / Pn overload rate = P / Pn
Pq:Overload before the actual running power P overload power rated power Pn
Dry-type distribution transformers 10kv level nameplate capacity of ultra-running ability

Temperature control system
The system consists of temperature controller sensor (probe) and air cooling system components. Its working principle is shown below. Our matching temperature controller used for the LD-B10-10D, which has three-phase temperature cycle showed that the maximum temperature display, fan starts and stops, over-temperature alarm, over temperature trip, the sensor fault alarm functions. Factory set action temperature: when the winding temperature of 80 ¡æ closed fan. 100 ¡æ, the fans start, 130 ¡æ alarm, 150 ¡æ trip. Temperature settings can be modified according to user needs
Platinum resistance sensor for three PTl00. Three-phase low voltage wire is placed in Group Lead, winding its in-depth 100-150mm Office, can accurately reflect the actual temperature of the windings, because PTl00 sensor is placed deep within the preset. So you can easily remove and install. Note When a pressure test must be pulled out hole, the temperature control devices in order to avoid high-pressure Jihuai
When customers need to work transformer and automation systems connected attitude can be supporting the use of LD-B10-10E type temperature controller, which in addition has the features. Also has a transmitter output interface can be three-phase temperature with 4-20mA or 0-5v analog signal transmission remote. Corresponding A.B.C with 0-200 ¡æ, accuracy 1%. Load resistance ¡Ü 600, transmitter output for the nine-pin socket. To achieve computer network monitoring, can be used Rs232, Rs485 communication interface, the temperature of the digital signal sent to the distant million computers to form the distributed control system. Supplied protocol.
Air cooling system is composed of multiple low-noise, composed of pieces of fan flow. Three-phase windings are located in the lower part. Fan unit capacity 40-80w, voltage 220v, with the wind to ensure the discharge of all transformers in the case of 50% over load heat emitted. Therefore, please make sure the user must start the fan overload. Fan since with short circuit protection fuse.
When a client when there case, the factory will complete the system installation is completed. Temperature indicator installed in the case of low back (face) the upper right corner, about 150cm from the ground where, in order to facilitate the observation. If users install on their own. Please indicate in the order required the length of the sensor lead.
For safety reasons, in the design of the system, please provide a set of 500w, 220v single phase power£¬

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